Modern Chalet Home Design | Behind The Scenes

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Our Home Design Sketchbook series gives you a look behind-the-scenes at our featured custom home designs.

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Square Footage Stats

  • Main Floor 2,250 square feet

  • Upper (Loft) Floor 470 square feet

  • Walk Out Basement 1,352 square feet

  • Over-sized triple attached garage 927 square feet

Our Client

Our client was a young family that was moving into the naturally forested acreage area from City life (location undisclosed for privacy). They purchased the beautiful 2 acre property with the intention of building their dream home. They were amazing to work with (but then again...I feel like we always have the nicest clients!).

It was very important to our client that we captured the surrounding natural beauty of the site. The site was complicated. It was extremely sloped with mountainous terrain. The client was initially concerned that the slope would be a huge challenge for the home design.

But... guess what? Luckily, for us as home designers, we always see complicated and sloped lots as a huge opportunity to create a very cool design! We worked with the client very early on to alleviate their concerns, and help them understand exactly what they could build on their site. (Need help with looking at your potential build site? No problem, just contact us.)

Modern home design Vancouver Calgary
West Coast Modern inspiration photo from client (one of many)

Aesthetically, the client wanted a dramatic roof form with long, sleek roof lines. Many of their inspiration photos showed daring, sharp, and angled roof lines. They wanted the building form to "hug" the land and work with the site. It was important that the home design "fit" into its natural surroundings.

As with all our clients, we made it our mission to capture their vision, and over-deliver with a stunning custom home design.

Let's dive into the design!

The Design