3 Easy Steps To Start Your New Dream Home Project

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

You want to design and build a new house. Now what?!! It can be overwhelming to think of all the "to-do's" required to pull off a successful project!

In this post, we break down the first 3 "Must-Do" steps to kick start your project. You'll be well on your way to a successful project. Complete with immediate action items you can start as soon as TODAY.

Here's the secret to success - The trick is to make sure these first steps are executed properly. They lay a strong foundation for the rest of your project (no pun intended).

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Step 1: Figure Out What You Want For Your New Home

Put together a Wish List of everything you want in your new home.

OK, this part is FUN! And you can start this TODAY. This involves documenting EVERYTHING that you want in your new dream home.

Ok, well this sounds fun, but....


  • Communication: A wish list is a powerful communication tool. As you start your project, you'll need to communicate your vision to professionals. Think people like your home designer, interior designer, new home builder, renovator. The better they understand your vision, the higher quality their advice will be. For example, in helping you get your budget, providing you design options and advice, etc.

  • Helps You Keep Organized: The number of details in a new home design can be overwhelming. Putting your wish list in ONE centralized place gives you a way to organize all these details and ideas. During various phases of your project, this wish list will become a "go-to" resource for decision-making.

  • Helps You Figure Out What You Want: Not sure what you really want in your new home? Starting the process of a wish list will help you figure this out. Many homeowners start seeing patterns and trends within their wish list. Even if you can't personally see these trends, I promise you, they exist. Your designer should be able to spot these.

How To Start a Wish List For Your New Home

There are two different types of wish lists you need: