The Tear Down Rebuild (#TDRB) - Is It A Good Option For You? VANCOUVER EDITION

It's hard deciding between whether to buy a new home versus build a new home! There are so many things to consider.

To make things even more complicated...

If you're considering building in the City, you will often need to tear down an existing home to make way for a new home. How do you know if tearing down an existing home is a good option for you and your family?

We’ve put together a quick guide to help you answer this question —

Is a Teardown and Rebuild a good option for me?

Let's explore some of the key criteria when considering if it truly is the right option for you.


Most tear down rebuild projects mean that your new home will be in an established community. Make sure you find a property in a neighborhood that offers the key features you want.

Take an inventory of the following to ensure they meet your personal criteria:

  • Good schools and childcare

  • A well-developed sense of community

  • Commuting a shorter distance to work

  • Close proximity to entertainment or cultural options


Tear down rebuild projects come with a long list of rewards and benefits. You maintain a high degree of control regarding your new home's location, and the overall design of your new home.

The reality is that teardowns can be more complicated, thus more time-consuming. These projects typically involve zoning and permitting, demolition and abatement challenges.

Some neighborhoods in Vancouver also require historic preservation. These are items that buyers of homes in newly developed subdivisions never encounter.