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Custom Home Design

With over 700 dream homes designed across Canada, we take pride in our turnkey concierge-style services that help clients navigate through the entire design process from start to finish.

For more than 16 years, we revel in creating more than just impeccable design blueprints, perfecting a balance between form and function in every square inch.

Since 2006, we ensure that our award-winning designs are inspired by the unique visions and aspirations of discerning homeowners in pursuit of their forever homes.

"Enhancing lives and creating legacies" is at the heart of Phase One Design and the realization of this vision starts with our core values. These values are the foundation of everything we do and the compass of everywhere we go. They define our identity, guide our work, and mold our future both as individuals and as an organization.

Reliability is consistently delivering the highest standards of service to every team member and every client at every touchpoint. Being reliable builds profound trust which fosters long-lasting relationships and earns reputable credibility. 

A team player strives to continuously improve team performance through healthy collaboration and effective communication. It is being flexible in all types of situations and supportive of our team while working towards common endeavors.

Doing the right thing encompasses integrity, accountability, and responsibility. It is making decisions  and taking actions according to the best interest of everyone.

Growth-oriented is proactively finding ways to improve and innovate without resting on our laurels. It is a forward-thinking mindset with the willingness to take risks and explore unchartered territories necessary for wholistic growth.

Creativity is the ability to come up with new ideas, unique concepts, and innovative solutions to both simple and complex challenges. It is fostering a culture that inspires every team member to think outside the box  and stay competitive.

Passion is a driving force that motivates team members to do the best we can and be the best we can be. Being passionate is embodying unparalleled enthusiasm, strong sense of purpose, and unwavering commitment toward individual and collective pursuits.  

Being humbly confident is recognizing one’s strengths and competencies while accepting one’s limitations and shortcomings. It is emerging competent and competitive yet remaining grounded with the willingness to listen to and learn from people we encounter.



Phase One Design is an

award-winning luxury custom home designer specializing in residential design.









Enhancing Lives.

Creating Legacies.

Book a complimentary
30-minute design consultation

Chat with us about your dream home plans.  We'll help you brainstorm ideas, get a budget, and understand the process.

No obligation.

Available by video conference, phone call, or in person.  Your choice.

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