The 8 Home Design Tricks To Getting Your Perfect Outdoor Room

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

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How To Get The Perfect Outdoor Room - 8 Tricks from A Home Designer

Who doesn't love being outdoors in their yard enjoying a meal and a drink when it's nice outside? In Canada, we have such a short window of summer, so you want to take advantage of it as much as you can!

Outdoor rooms can be a great way to achieve this, and also make sure you're taking full advantage of every square inch of your property.

If you're designing a new custom home, an outdoor room should be considered in the early phases of the design process so it can be incorporated into the home's initial design. But don't worry! You can still follow these design principles if you're working with an existing space.

Here are the 8 "must-have" design elements of a perfect outdoor room:

  1. Extend the seasons

  2. Design for privacy and views

  3. Place walls and ceilings strategically

  4. Take advantage of lighting

  5. Consider sight lines and flow

  6. Use the right furniture and decor

  7. Design with sun patterns in mind

  8. Use fire and water

Let's look at these in more detail...


Enjoy outdoor living well into fall and spring. You know those days when you crave being outside... but it's just a little too chilly?! Make this happen by adding heat to your outdoor room design. For example, designing a fireplace or heaters into the outdoor room (more on fireplaces later…). There are many different heaters that are available.

If you're designing a custom home from scratch, I would highly recommend designing the heaters into the outdoor room's structure, so they are concealed.

If you're renovating your existing space, don't worry! There are still a lot of stylish outdoor heaters that can be incorporated, and without having to rip out your existing walls and ceilings.

Another way to extend your outdoor living season is to